Songwriting Tips And Help For Writing Songs And Lyrics
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Songwriting Tips: What Should You Focus On First?
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Most people who are looking for helpful songwriting tips are not complete newbies, but neither are they someone who knows all about the innermost workings of music theory.

Chances are that, like you, they are looking for something that sparks creative thoughts and brings them back to the love of writing music with passion.
And like most people, the quicker the better.

Many people already intuitively do things to write good songs, but the real trick is to know why it works or doesn’t work.

Coming up with a short chord progression for a song might come easier to you than coming up with the full arrangement of the song’s components, verse, chorus, bridge, etc. but can’t one be about as easy as the other?

Everyone gets stuck in a rut from time to time, but having a palette of new ideas is always the quick way out.

Even if you are already a competent songwriter then you might need to fill and organize your tool drawer.

The first skill you should make sure that you have in that drawer is the ability to look at other people’s music and know what makes it good (or bad).

Analyzing important elements in other peoples music is an enormous skill to possess in order to grow your own songwriting abilities.

After all, every successful song is a lesson in what to do to write songs that people like.

The book shown above has received rave reviews from everyon who bought it. You might want to check it out as a good starting place to jump start your songwiriting.

Visit here often for great resources for how to write songs and lyrics and other songwriting tips.

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How To Write A Song (Part 1) - Starting Point
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In this series of videos, I’m going to walk you through the steps of writing and recording a song, ranging from the bare essentials to adding the final production touches while recording.

Part 1 covers the basics of sitting down with an instrument, getting a “feel” for the type of song you want to write, and fleshing out a rough riff to use as groundwork for the rest of the song. No music theory knowledge required, just a passion and good ear for music. Great for beginners or more seasoned guitarists/pianists/etc. looking to break into songwriting.

If you’d like to know more about my little one-man band, please check out my other videos, hit up, and/or find me on iTunes (The So Long Showdown). Thanks for watching!

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Singing Success Review, Singing in Tune, Songwriting
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So warmly welcome everyone to Awesound and my first livestream here form Stockholm, Sweden. And today we have two questions that have come in. Thank you so much for sending in your questions. It’s great because then I can have a direct dialog with you and help you as much as possible to be the best you can be in your music and creativity. So thank you so much for sending in your questions. You can send your questions to Thank you so much for your questions.

So the first question this week is from Amit. And she writes: My main request is if you can help me to tune up my musical ear. My main challenge is that is because I am not used to listening it is very hard for me to keep the right tone when singing, as I don’t feel the difference between what I am singing and the right tone. This can be a very common problem for people that are not used to singing. People refer this to as being tone deaf. I remember when I started singing when I was a child. I had a lot of problems when I sang in the choir for example because I did not sing so load so I could hear my own voice so then it often turned out to be that I wasn’t in the right pitch and I didn’t sing in tune with the song and with the others. But if you haven’t really been in that circumstance to really listen to your voice, train up and to use our hearing in that way. Even if you are grown up you never develop that part of yourself. Then it can be a little bit tricky. It is not to late but it can take some time to practice that. I want to share some techniques to practice that. Even now when I went to school I had some problems singing in tune the last years. So I really got down with the problem and practiced for one year singing in tune and taking songs really slowly singing songs by the piano. And this exercise really got down with the problem and it really solved the problem for me, so now I can sing really good in tune, and everyone says, “You sound really in tune when you sing” So I want to share this little exercise with you because it is a great exercise. What I did what sit down by a piano. I am sure there is a virtual piano if you don’t have an actual piano. You can just search on virtual piano on google and I’m sure you will find that there.

So I just hit a random note and listened to how that sounds. I hit a random note and listen to how that sounds, and I sing that note. Exactly that note. Without sliding up or down. So if I hit the note ….. I sing …..without starting….or….and that is a really great way to connect the ear with the singing because you really have to get those two connected. And then I hit another note….I sing……If I sing….and slide up its still a good start if you need to slide up. If you are not used to this exercise and singing in tune you might slide up a lot like …but thats OK, as long as you find that note and match them, then thats a sign of having the hearing you want and you are on the right path. If you really want to get down with this issue and be able to sing in tune I would do this every day. Start the day with this exercise. Just tune in, take some noters on the piano and sing the exact same note. That will really help you develop your hearing, connect with your voice and you will really start to sing amazingly soon.

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Songwriting tips - Kina Grannis Stageit Wintertime Request Show
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15 Dec 2012

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How To Write a Song
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Ever wanted to become a world famous singer like Justin Bieber and Barack Obama? You’re in luck! Today I show you how to write and produce your very own song! This is the exact same method that is being used by all the huge artists from all over the world. Ever wondered how famous song writers manage to produce lyrics that are extremely catchy, resulting in the song becoming a huge hit?? This video will show you how!

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HowToBasic howtobasic How To Basic

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Professional Songwriting Secrets. Review + Bonus
Filed under: Songwriting Help Stuck with a song? No problem These Professional Songwriting Secrets will help you on your way to succes.

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Song Summit Mentors - Songwriting tips
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From 19 - 21 June Song Summit gathered together the full spectrum of the music industry including local and international songwriters and music industry experts.

Chit Chat talks to our experts and attendees of Song Summit 2010.

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My Songwriting Tips
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If you guys like this, I have a few more ideas for question/tutorial type videos! :)

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Ralph Murphy Lecture - How to be Successful at Songwriting
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Ralph Murphy talks to Loyola University Students about what it takes to write a successful song.

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Songwriting With Nelly Furtado: Tips to Succeed as a Songwriter
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Nelly Furtado, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter, offers tips to succeed as a songwriter. Get Nelly Furtado’s advice in this video from

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