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Flight of the Conchords - Feel Inside (and stuff like that) + Interviews

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or purchase [...]

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Help Me(original song)-by Gabby Bond

This is one of the first songs I wrote, it’s called help me..a bit rough around the edges but hey ho! I’ve found that song writing helps to express feelings that you find hard to talk about, but enjoy guys and leave your feedback x x
Duration : 0:3:11

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i’m not going to write you a love song lyrics

edit: Thanks for all the views i appricate it

and any request???
Duration : 0:4:11

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♥ How to Write on a Grain of Rice! ♥

I’ll also be showing you how to store it in resin! i hope you guys enjoy!
Watch the previous video! :
Hey fun fact!
it’s getting annoying how people always try to comment what songs i use in my videos because even though like 5 people have already commented the song, one really annoying [...]

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AVbyte Secrets! Cameras, Lenses and More!

Take a look at some of the equipment used to make our videos! Definitely one of our most chaotic videos!
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Slender Man Musical:
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When Home Calls - A song for Scootaloo

YAY! 7000 Views!!!! Thanks all!
Holy cow… got featured on EqD:
I was inspired to write this from this comic:
I am playing the guitar and singing btw
Artwork credit goes to Eliwood10
The lyrics are from scootaloo’s point of view, The lyrics just came to me as that
I wake up every [...]

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How to Write a Web Series: Squaresville Behind the Scenes Ep. 7 with Matt Enlow

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We’ve received so many questions about writing, I thought it would be smart to do a writing specific episode.
Here are some awesome blogs by brilliant, inspiring people who’ve been major resources to me along the way:
Felicia Day:
Freddie W: [...]

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Learn a song …. Just Killing Time

Learn a song
To learn a guitar key i am suggesting to write a song ( no matter how bad or childish it seems) it will help you to remember the chords in that key,it will also help you practice changing chords (in a fin way) and last but not least it will help you learn [...]

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When I Write a Song by Doug Payne

Singer Songwriter Australia
When I Write a Song© words and music by Doug Payne 2012
When I write a song, I use simple lines.

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Songwriting & helping with song structure
This is a video I took, one of many, as I was going over chord structuring ideas with singer/songwriter Laura Forney. She has an amazing voice and I was surprised at how good a songwriter Laura was, because she’s so young. She was actually a finalist in the TV show “The Voice”. What I was [...]

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