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January 2013

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BEHIND THE AWESOME: Hot Voicemail Lady!

Behind the scenes of the fifth video in the Key Of Awesome series!
Watch the original music video HERE!

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The Key of Awesome
P.O. Box 23 New York, NY 10113
Duration : 0:3:43

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So Alive - Tiffany Alvord (Official Lyric Video)

I’m coming to Asia in March! Get your tickets:
iTunes: - Get the song & album here.
Get the physical CD of “My Heart Is” here:
Bandcamp: - Download in your format choice
Music Video comes out Feb. 4th!! I wrote this song one day because I was feeling good & wanted to write [...]

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Primus: Fish On (Fisherman’s Chronicles, Chapter II)

Artist: Primus
Album: Sailing The Seas Of Cheese
Year: 1991
Track# 12
Track Name: “Fish On”
Les Claypool — electric bass, string bass, six-string fretless bass, clarinet, vocals
Larry LaLonde — electric guitar, six-string banjo
Tim “Herb” Alexander — drums, water jug
Felt a pang late one afternoon
I was fishin’ off Muir beach
With Ler LaLonde
Grabbed a tuna salad sandwich
And I started to chew
Pretty [...]

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Seven Little Monsters - All’s Quiet on the Monster Front

Two is trying to write a song for a contest and needs peace and quiet. His brothers and sisters are eager to help but being quiet is a real challenge for six rambunctious monsters!
Duration : 0:12:0

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New Heights - The Other Side (Fireflies) - Audio Only

Download “The Other Side (Fireflies)” on BandCamp here:
Download “The Other Side (Fireflies)” on iTunes here:
Chris was asked to write a song for the Jubilee Project’s new short film, “Fireflies.” We decided to put the song up for sale and you can get the song through our Bandcamp link. Below is some info on the short [...]

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The Classic Crime - The Precipice (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

The official music video for The Classic Crime’s song “The Precipice” from our album “PHOENIX” released 8/14/12. Purchase at
To own shares in this song, go here:
Video Credits:
Directed and Edited by Dan Dobi
Location: Thornewood Castle, Lakewood, WA (
Director of Photography: Sean D. Brown ( and Dan Dobi
Jib Operator: Tim Jankowski
Grips: Jeffery Blackburn, Matthew Torrie
Other helpful [...]

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Mission-Craft: The Song

Jakey and I decided to sit down and write a song for Mission-Craft. We finished it within a few hours and recorded it live for you to see here. I don’t particularly like the audio quality, but it’s as good as it could get with the camera I have.
If you guys want us to [...]

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Buy the song in iTunes!
Song is also available in other digital stores like Amazon and Spotify!
Music and Lyrics by - Alex Lewis and Aaron Joseph,
Director & Producer - Win Bates
DP - Will Carnahan
DP Beauty Shots - Garrett Shannon
Editor - Nico Litonjua
Music Produced by - Aaron Joseph
Video Produced by - [...]

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The Script - Breakeven (Lyrics)

I know that people will comment about the spelling but that’s okay, I was only eleven when I made this video. I also copied and pasted the whole lyrics from a website. Why? Because even though I was bored at the time I wasn’t going to write the whole lyrics out myself. There maybe quite [...]

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Mysto & Pizzi Beatmaking Wednesdays - Electric

“Electric” Download:
Here it is, episode 9 of beatmaking wednesdays, sorry for the delay! Our schedule been crazy working on some new remixes and originals . We decided to go with a 80s/90s kinda feel on this one to switch things up, hope you guys like it! Also make sure to go check the [...]

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