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Help Me Go to Interlochen!

This year I have the chance to go to take part in the Interlochen Arts Academy’s brand new Singer-Songwriter program.
Though I’ve been accepted into the Academy for my songwriting, my family can’t afford to pay the tuition. I made this video in the hopes that I can somehow raise the money necessary to go [...]

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Marcinis Hall Songwriting Demo 2012

Hello everyone, the name is Marcinis Hall (mar-sin-ee-yiss) As most of you know, I’ve been working super hard these past few months to put together a collection of work I can showcase to artists and labels. I’ve written tons of music, but here’s a sampler of 5 favorites. Thanks to all the producers (will list [...]

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TweakaTune Ep.15 “Songwriting Tips”

A video to help learn the craft of songwriting. The show critiques amateur songwriters, offering helpful advice.
Duration : 0:6:22

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EXCLUSIVE: Songwriting Tips | 4 Chords Every Songwriter Must Know
Matthew Casteel @ talks about 4 Chords Every Songwriter Must Know - Songwriting Tips on Guitar. If you want to learn more about how to write a song, just visit and get tons of free materials about songwriting tips, plus FREE downloads on the How To Write A Song Podcast

Duration : 0:5:27


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Songwriting Tips- Anna Toth

A few people have asked me how I write songs, so here is my sincere attempt at explaining parts of the process. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing, so the stuff I say is not supported by theory or anything professional I hope its helpful in some way.
Oh… And I got my wisdom [...]

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SONGWRITING: No Theory Whatsoever
Search Andrew for FREE lesson Handouts.
This Video: June 01, 2012 | Search Videos by Title/Date.
Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question…
Q: I’m a music major in college, and I’m learning a lot of theory which is good. But, when I’m writing music I tend to get so wrapped [...]

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A Funny moment from The Voice UK
Jessie J suggests a new song for, titled “I’m Sorry!” XD
Duration : 0:1:50

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Colours of Fall- Anastace
This WON the Kaos Songwriting Contest 2011. HUGE THANKS TO EVERYONE!
Live performance:
Lyrics below…
Days are growing shorter, there’s a chill in the air
The hills look on fire, but soon they’ll be bare
I pull my coat a little closer and walk this old pathway alone
Nights are getting longer, just watch for the signs
Winter’s coming closer, cause [...]

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Songwriting Tips: Finding Your Voice Part 1
Welcome to the our songwriting tips for song writers who want to write good songs and learn to do other stuff good too. Here we discuss, through songwriting tips, how a song can be approached from a wide range of cultures, audiences and expectations. Whether you are a singer/songwriter with a guitar and a story [...]

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (Robsten 2011) // Read My Lips (original song)

Thought I’d make a Robsten video and write a song about how Rob and Kristen fell for each other and how amazing 2011 was for them:)) I included Rob at 2012 People’s Choice accepting the best drama award for “Water for Elephants” (yay!), too. Thanks to the Robsten fans out there who have been so [...]

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