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This is a Video About HOW To Write Punchlines! Just Advice, What I’m Saying Is Not Something You HAVE To Follow, Its Just Advice. THIS IS NOT A CHOOSEDAY EPISODE.

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BrySi the Machinima Guy - Love Song For Mileena
Click here to watch Justin Bieber vs Master Chief - EPIC RAP BATTLE (Musical Machinima)
Love Song For Mileena: A Mortal Kombat Song by BrySi (MK Musical Machinima)
Dear Mileena from Mortal Kombat:
I used you think you were hot. I thought I even loved you. Now I realize just what kind of person you are. [...]

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BrySi the Machinima Guy - Stupid Noob Tubers - With Noob Nuke
Click here to watch Get Over Here! A Mortal Kombat Rap by BrySi (MK Music Video)
Stupid Noob Tubers Song - With Noob Nuke (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Musical Machinima)
This video will make your brain explode. It’s a glance into the mind of the rare and danger Noob Tuber. Their goal? [...]

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How to write a song (lyrics)

Songwriter & Ghostwriter Thomas D. M has been writing songs for the past 12 years.
Here is a little advice and some tips on how to write a song, improve on your lyrics, find the melody of a song and also the best way to get over writers block.
Duration : 0:4:8

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Free - How To Write A Four Chord Song - Lesson

Chord Book
Duration : 0:11:20

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Never Too Late - Original Song by Jordan Jansen

I was inspired to write this song after reading how many people get hated on and bullied in the comments section of my cover to “Mean”. No one should have to go through this. Leave your comments in the comment box below if you’ve ever been hated on.
Special thanks to Josh Cumbee for his help [...]

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A Song For Taylor Swift

This is a song I wrote for Taylor Swift. If you like it, please share it with your friends, family, cats, and crazy Uncles. The more people who see it, the better chance Miss Taylor Swift will stumble upon it. Thanks guys.
I don’t have money, you don’t have time,
but somehow together reason [...]

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“It’s Black and White” - A Song by the Mars Curiosity Rover

After I did see the live landing of the Mars Curiosity Rover, I felt an inspire to write this song very fast for the Rover and the Horrible Kamera of it. Updates: I have just learned the Curiosity Rover also takes not-horrible Fotos. As Apology,
here is a new song:
Shouting out to nattyxlove47 [...]

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Write lyrics for my Hard Rock/Metal Song. I need your HELP

Hello all and thanks for stopping by. I wrote this song in a few hours and NEED collaboration. I really SUCK at writing lyrics. So here you go if your a person of the written word. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can send this in MP3 or any other from if you know [...]

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That Dark Night : by Stephen Young : Christian Country artist
After reading a blog from a woman who was there that night, I was inspired to write a song about the Colorado shootings during the screening of The Dark Knight Rises. I am hopeful that the song brings honour to those that were lost and brings healing to the families and everyone affected by this [...]

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